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Lexington County Separation Attorney

Most people apply for legal separation in response to South Carolina's no-fault divorce laws, which require spouses to live apart for one year before they can qualify for divorce. Although you will remain legally married during this time, there are separation issues that a court needs to address. A temporary order agreement will need to be reached regarding the legal status of child custody and visitation, child support and alimony, property division and in some cases protective orders.

Helping Clients Navigate Their One-Year Separation Periods

When you retain my law firm to represent you, I can help ensure that your transition into your one-year separation period is a smooth one. While most legal issues pertaining to the separation can be agreed upon mutually between the spouses, I am fully prepared to represent you in court in order to ensure your rights are protected.

During your one-year separation period, you and your spouse are required to live in two separate locations. While remaining legally married for a year after you have decided to end your marriage might seem frustrating, my firm can work with you during this time to assemble all the necessary information needed to begin the divorce process immediately after the separation period ends.

If you qualify for an at-fault divorce, you have the legal right to bypass the one-year separation period and immediately file for divorce. Contact my firm to discuss your specific circumstances. As your attorney, I can accurately assess your legal circumstances and help you determine the best avenue.

Columbia Separation Agreement Lawyer

Located in Lexington, South Carolina, the Law Office of Jim O'Connor represents family law clients throughout the greater Columbia area. Contact my firm to schedule a free initial consultation with a Lexington County separation lawyer.

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