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Child Support Modification

It is a sense of great relief when you sign your final divorce order. You feel ready to move on and look forward to your new future. While many portions of the divorce order are set in stone, such as issues of property division, there are other aspects that are open to change if future circumstances warrant. Matters of child support and custody are both subject to modification, even after your divorce is finalized. Certain types of alimony may also be modified, but only in certain circumstances — so it is important to keep that in mind when finalizing your divorce order.

If the need arises for you to revisit the terms of your divorce settlement, the Law Office of Jim O'Connor can help.

Helping Clients Bring or Defend Against Modification Claims

According to the state laws in South Carolina, in order to bring a motion for a modification to your divorce order, there must be a significant change of circumstances. While that definition can seem broad, courts normally look at issues of relocation, remarriage or changes in income due to loss of job, when determining the potential for modification.

The laws surrounding modification claims can be complex, with substantial room for grey areas. As your lawyer, I can help establish the merits of your case and provide practical legal advice for moving forward. I help clients who wish to bring a motion for a modification, as well as those who seek to defend against one.

Contact my firm to discuss your legal modification issues regarding:

  • Alimony modification
  • Changes to child support
  • Modifications to your child custody or visitation order

Columbia Child Custody Modification Attorney

Located in Lexington, South Carolina, the Law Office of Jim O'Connor represents family law clients throughout the greater Columbia area. Contact my firm to schedule a free initial consultation with a Lexington County child support modification attorney.

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