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Lexington County Child Custody Attorney

Matters surrounding children during your divorce will likely be some of the most sensitive issues you will have to face during this process. What parents need to remember is that while their marriage is coming to an end, their relationship with their children has not. In our state, the court system will always make child custody, visitation and support decisions based on the best interests of your children.

Issues of Child Custody

If possible, it is beneficial for parents to agree upon child custody outside of litigation. However, this is not always realistic. In today's court system, both parents are judged on a fair basis when a judge considers custody. Influential factors include, among other things, the child's welfare, financial situation of the parents, religious faith of the parents and child, and ultimately, the best interests of the child.

Establishing a Child Visitation Schedule

It is usually advisable for divorcing parents to agree upon a child visitation schedule outside of court. This allows for much more control over your situation, and it can help maintain a better relationship with the mother/father of your children. If you cannot come to a mutual decision, a judge will make a ruling for you. While each judge may have a slightly different standard for visitation guidelines, a typical example can be found here.

How Child Support is Calculated

In our state, both parents are responsible for contributing to the financial support of their children. However, a judge will typically rule for the non-custodial parent to pay child support to the custodial parent. The amount of support is determined by the South Carolina Child Support Guidelines, which consider the income of each parent, the number of children and the cost of day care and medical expenses. In certain cases, extenuating factors may influence the amount of child support ordered and include educational expenses, debt, and unreimbursed extraordinary medical expenses for either parent or child.

Legal decisions regarding your children will become a binding part of your final divorce order and are usually not subject to modification unless there is a significant change in one's circumstances. As your attorney, I can help you understand the complex legal issues involving your children during your divorce. My firm will ensure that the best interests of your child as well as your parental rights are upheld.

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