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Lexington County Family Law Attorney

Helping Clients Understand the Divorce Process

Facing a divorce is never easy. I am attorney Jim O'Connor. My law firm provides comprehensive family law representation to clients throughout South Carolina. I understand that individuals can quickly become overwhelmed by divorce laws. When you retain me as your attorney, I spend a substantial amount of time learning about your specific circumstances and explaining how the law applies to your case. It is very important to me that you have a clear understanding of what to expect and how the laws will affect your outcome. I can help you make informed legal decisions, which will ultimately allow you to move forward in life.

Legal Solutions Based On Meeting Your Long-Term Goals

During a divorce, there are many ways to accomplish your goals or protect those things that are important to you. Trying to find legal solutions to your family law issues through collaborative means, such as in mediation, will not only spare you undue stress and emotional trauma, but can also save you the time and money associated with a trial. There are times, however, when agreements cannot be reached outside of court. In these circumstances, I am more than willing to litigate tough legal issues before a judge and ensure that your rights are protected.

The Relationship Between the Attorney and the Client

As a family lawyer, I work hard to establish an environment of comfort and trust with all of my clients. Divorce can be a very difficult process, and it's natural that individuals will bring strong feelings and emotions into the process. I not only advise clients on the legal aspects of their case, but I am also willing to listen to how the divorce is affecting their life. By fully understanding my clients and their concerns, I am able to help them establish legal goals and priorities that will contribute to a brighter future.

Divorce Isn't Only the End of Your Marriage. It's the Beginning of Your New Life.

I will be your legal advocate and confidant through the entire divorce process. You do not have to go through this difficult period on your own. I am highly responsive to client needs, and I am available 24/7 to answer your legal questions or to simply listen to your fears and concerns about your case. Together we will resolve your legal issues and create a fresh start for your life.

Learn more about the various areas of divorce in South Carolina, including fault versus no-fault divorce, one-year separation requirements, military divorce, child custody and support, alimony, property division and modifications. I also help clients with DSS abuse and neglect cases, and can advise unwed parents on issues of support and parenting time.

Please review the entire website for additional information and write down any questions you may have prior to our free initial consultation.

Lexington Divorce Attorney

Located in Lexington, South Carolina, the Law Office of Jim O'Connor represents clients throughout the greater Columbia area. Contact my firm to discuss your case with a Lexington County family law attorney.

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